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Determined to Find Answers

Determined to find answers

A 29-year-old member had unanswered questions and felt brushed aside by every doctor she had seen. When she reached out to 2nd.MD, she was determined to find answers for her inability to walk and weakening muscles. 

From the moment the member contacted 2nd.MD, she felt supported. Her nurse communicated with her every step of the way and the 2nd.MD specialist was attentive and detailed in his explanations of her symptoms and medical records. The 2nd.MD specialist suggested the member consider testing and evaluations to be completed by a neuromuscular specialist with a specialty interest in autonomic nervous system diseases for more definitive certainty of her condition. 

Upon follow-up, the member felt as though the 2nd.MD specialist was the first doctor to listen to her and give her clear information so she could move forward. She was extremely happy with the consult and 2nd.MD experience!

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