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An Alternative Option

There's Always an Alternative Option

A 54-year-old member who was suffering from chronic back pain hoped for an alternative option after her local doctor recommended a triple-level spinal fusion. When the member reached out to 2nd.MD, she wanted to find out if there were other treatment options to consider and what the recovery plan would be following a surgical procedure. 

The member was paired with a top neurosurgeon who discussed alternative, more conservative options to consider. The specialist suggested the member discuss various options with her local doctor such as: anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants,  epidural steroid injections, and physical therapy. The 2nd.MD specialist suggested she attempt the conservative options first and if she proceeded with the surgery, she should consider wearing a brace with a bone growth stimulator as it would improve the outcome of the fusion. 

“The specialist was phenomenal! Very knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to answer all of my questions.”

Upon follow-up, the member stated she had attempted some of the alternate options after discussing these with her local doctor and was in the process of consulting with a chiropractor. Although she felt the surgery would be inevitable, she had peace of mind knowing she had attempted more conservative options first.

“This is a fantastic service and a wonderful benefit!”

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