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Restored to Life

Restored to Life

Emily, an energetic teen, injured her wrist during a soccer game. Not being one to complain, she pressed on for several weeks until the pain prompted an orthopedic appointment. Emily was diagnosed with a very small tear in her wrist, but the specialist noted that her injury should not cause the amount of pain she was experiencing and suggested a cortisone injection. Unfortunately, the injection depleted the fat cells in her wrist leaving the nerves exposed and Emily in debilitating pain. 

Over the next six months, Emily was no longer acting or feeling like her normal self. Her parents were troubled by her lack of interest in daily activities, diminished appetite, and trouble sleeping. They no longer recognized her in her agony and with desperation they consulted numerous doctors. Each doctor had different opinions and recommendations which left the family feeling frustrated and completely lost without definite answers.

When a friend mentioned stories they had heard about 2nd.MD, Emily’s father reached out for a consultation. Through 2nd.MD, they were paired with two top specialists from Boston Children’s Hospital: The head of the Pain Management Program and a top Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. 

During the consultation, Emily’s father was able to discuss all of their concerns. He explained the medical journey they had been on and Emily’s current treatment plan. With guidance from the specialists, Emily and her family felt supported in their decision to continue on a path of pain management. They were confident this was the best way forward to exercise the conservative option before an invasive one.

Before long, Emily was restored to her happy, vibrant self and was back on the soccer field. Her family expressed thanks and appreciation to 2nd.MD, raving that the value of our services was immeasurable. 

You can watch Emily’s video testimonial [HERE]

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