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A Second Opinion for Hip Pain

Hip Pain

A 73-year-old member had been experiencing extreme hip pain. She was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis, cyst formation and hardening of the bone just below the cartilage surface. Since her local provider suggested a bilateral hip replacement as her only treatment option, she wanted a second opinion. 

The member received a 2nd.MD mailer reminding her of the service provided through her employer benefits and she immediately reached out to 2nd.MD. She was paired with a top Physical Medicine & Rehab specialist who educated her on alternative options to discuss with her local doctor such as an anti-inflammatory diet, physical therapy and various types of hip injections than can reduce pain and swelling. 

After the consult, the member expressed appreciation, and further noted that she would not be pursuing surgery since diet, exercise, and physical therapy were helping tremendously.

“The specialist gave a lot of information which helps me make my decisions regarding my hip problems.” 

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