Success Stories

Services and Benefits Offering A Different Perspective services 14795

When a member was reminded of the 2nd.MD services and benefits provided to her through an email from 2nd.MD, she reached out for a second opinion about her local doctor’s proposed treatment plan of a surgical procedure for her back pain.

The member was paired with a top neurosurgeon who reviewed her proposed surgery and educated her about more conservative options. Since the member’s pain had improved, the 2nd.MD specialist suggested she discuss with her treating physician the possibility of foregoing the surgery.

The member expressed appreciation for having the opportunity to consult with a neurosurgeon who, in her opinion, had a different insight from that of an orthopedic surgeon. The member was confident in her decision to cancel her surgery and pursue more conservative options.

The specialist was very patient, very knowledgeable and positive. I appreciated his review and insight which was quite different from the orthopedic surgeons.

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