Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

The Power of Understanding Your Diagnosis

When a 2nd.MD member had the opportunity to connect with an elite Endocrinologist, she not only gained power through understanding her diagnosis and health condition but also became the champion of her own future! 

A member received a reminder call from 2nd.MD about her access to our services and took the opportunity to discuss the uncertainties surrounding her current state of health.  At 45-years-of-age, she had already battled kidney problems, sleep apnea, and fatty liver. When she was diagnosed with hyperglycemia and type 2 diabetes, she requested a second opinion.

During the video consult with an expert endocrinologist, the member was informed of possible alternative diagnoses causing her symptoms, including possible thyroid disease. The 2nd.MD specialist suggested she discuss these with her local treating physician and educated her on the benefits of consulting with a dietician and an endocrinologist to better understand and control her diabetes. 

Upon follow up, the member expressed her sincere appreciation for the service. She followed the 2nd.MD specialist’s advice, saw a local endocrinologist and reported an almost 10-pound weight loss! 

The member’s satisfaction with the 2nd.MD service was so great, she returned a second time to discuss her test results and her new doctor’s recommended treatment path. 

You too can gain power through understanding your diagnosis and health condition. You can become the champion of your own future! If you need peace of mind in your healthcare decisions, contact 2nd.MD today!

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