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Be the champion of your healthcare and treatment plan by having a second opinion with an expert doctor in the field of your condition. Read our member’s success story here: 

A member was diagnosed 3 years ago with a benign tumor of the inner ear, causing him to lose almost all of the hearing in his right ear. After undergoing radiation surgery to treat the tumor, the man developed a numbing sensation on the right side of his face, which seemed to be getting increasingly worse. Fearing the treatment was not as effective as expected, the man reached out to his local doctor. 

By utilizing an MRI machine to examine the ear, his doctor confirmed the tumor was still present and had indeed increased in size since undergoing surgery 3 years prior. The doctor then recommended the man wait an additional 6 months for a follow-up MRI before discussing any further treatment. Not willing to wait six more months before starting treatment, the man reached out to 2nd.MD (who he’d had success with twice before for other conditions) to discuss his treatment options. 

Shortly after receiving the member’s request for a consultation, the 2nd.MD Care Team connected him with an expert ENT. Concerned with the results of his MRI findings and history, the 2nd.MD specialist suggested the member discuss with his local doctor the option to move forward with a surgical excision that would remove the tumor completely, as soon as possible.

Upon following up with the member, he had discussed the 2nd.MD specialist’s recommendation with his local doctor and plans to move forward with the surgery as suggested.

“I appreciated the consultation and thought the 2nd.MD specialist was extremely knowledgeable about my condition, listened well, and answered my questions thoroughly.”

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