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My Surgery was Successful—They Got All of the Cancer!

Cancer - Successful Surgery

“I wanted to let you know that my surgery was successful—they got all of the cancer! If I hadn’t received the 2nd.MD reminder card in the mail the same day I received confusing test results, I may have never realized this service was available to me. When I reached out, I wasn’t sure if the biopsy was really necessary, or if there was a recommendation for a better place to do the biopsy–if needed. Thankfully, the 2nd.MD specialist took the time to explain what she saw in my test results and shared options for me to consider. She also agreed with my local provider’s recommendation to have the biopsy performed. She reassured me that I was currently being managed in an outstanding multidisciplinary breast cancer program, and that I should have a good outcome from my breast cancer therapy. This service really helped me feel empowered to make the right decisions regarding my health care. Thanks to 2nd.MD, I’m focused on healing and moving forward.” – 2nd.MD Member


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We believe empowered members are the future of healthcare. 2nd.MD exists to champion your voice when you have to make an important medical decision. Our Care Team will put you at the center of your medical care by coordinating all the details; from obtaining your records, connecting you with an expert, to sending you follow up notes and in-network referrals. Once you start with 2nd.MD, you are never alone dealing with your diagnosis. Find out more here.

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