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Searching for Answers

Searching for Answers

searching for answers

Upon waking up in the ER after passing out unexpectedly, a 56 year old man from Utah found himself in search of answers. Shortly after leaving the hospital, he received an envelope in the mail from 2nd.MD, and decided to request a consultation.

Upon reaching out to 2nd.MD, he was connected with a Care Team Nurse who collected all of his medical records, and spent more than an hour discussing his medical history and assessing the symptoms that caused his visit to the ER. 

Having never experienced an episode like this, he did not realize the possible severity of his situation. With his local doctor believing that his symptoms were caused by a vitamin D deficiency and not that serious, the man decided to postpone his consultation so that he could focus more on work, and upcoming family events.

Believing the member had experienced a seizure, the nurse was eager to connect him with the best neurologist possible to review his case, sooner rather than later, and decided to follow up with the member about having a consultation with an elite level neurologist in New York. The member agreed, and the consultation was scheduled within a matter of days. 

When it came time for his appointment, the nurse helped the member and his wife navigate the technical struggles they faced to ensure he could benefit from a face-to-face virtual consultation. 

During the consultation, the 2nd.MD specialist determined that the member had indeed suffered a grand mal seizure, and discussed some possible causes for his ailments and seizure-like episodes. The specialist also educated the member on the importance of lifestyle modifications and an anticonvulsant therapy which the member could discuss with his local doctor.  

Realizing that his myriad of unanswered questions had finally been answered, the member and his wife decided to ask the specialist about some additional medical concerns he was dealing with. They discussed his ongoing back issues, in which the 2nd.MD specialist recommended he see an orthopedic doctor for a bone scan, and also discussed his current medications, to help the member determine which medications should be avoided given his recent diagnosis.

Empowered with this information, the member consulted with his local doctor who agreed with the 2nd.MD specialist’s recommendations. The member’s local doctor performed a number of other tests, which answered many previous unknowns, and also started him on the medications best suited for his planned treatment path.

Upon follow up, the member stated, “If it were not for the determination of the 2nd.MD nurse, along with her patience, experience, and listening skills, I would have given up. I am so thankful that my nurse’s initial assessment is what led me to connect with a doctor who specialized in my condition. She really felt it was the right match, and she was absolutely right! I am finally on the path to recovery, and it’s all thanks to 2nd.MD.”

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