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    Success Stories

    ENT Surgery Avoided – An Audience of One

    Woman smiling after avoiding ent surgery

    A member with a love for music and singing reached out to 2nd.MD for a second opinion when her local doctor in North Carolina recommended ENT surgery to remove a growth in her throat. With the desire to keep singing, she was unsure if the recommended surgery was the best treatment path for her condition. 

    The 2nd.MD Care Team nurse collected the member’s medical records within a matter of days. Determined to ensure she was connected with the best ENT available, the nurse connected her with an expert ENT specialist in California. 

    Through the consultation, the member learned more about her condition and about alternative non-surgical options, such as voice therapy, that she could discuss with her local physician. She was relieved to know she would indeed be able to continue singing.

    Upon follow up, the member reported she would not be pursuing ENT surgery and was excited that the 2nd.MD specialist had been able to do something no other doctor had done before… answer her questions!

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