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    Topical Chemotherapy

    Topical Chemotherapy

    Morgan contacted 2nd.MD when she did not feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan of starting topical chemotherapy for her Stage 0 basal cell carcinoma. She desired more information about other possible treatment options.


    Morgan was paired with a top board-certified Dermatologist with over 25 years of clinical experience both in the US and abroad. He listened to Morgan’s concerns, reviewed her medical records and educated her on additional treatments and medications she was not aware of.


    With this information in hand, Morgan went back to her local physician and discussed her concerns.  She was able to converse about other possible medications and whether they would be a good option for her. By being educated and well-informed, Morgan became an active participant in her treatment plan.


    When 2nd.MD contacted Morgan in a follow-up call, she stated that with her treating physician, she has opted out of topical chemotherapy and will start by pursuing less toxic treatments first.


    “[The 2nd.MD Specialist] gave me more options to consider for my treatment and gave me clear details as to how each option would affect me and my condition. He answered all of my questions as well!”

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