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    Second Opinion for Stage 2 Breast Cancer

    stage 2 breast cancer

    A 59-year-old woman recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer requested a second opinion to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan after receiving two conflicting opinions from her local doctors. 

    The 2nd.MD specialist discussed several treatment options:  chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and clinical trials. In his opinion, her records did not indicate a need for chemotherapy at this time. A mastectomy or a lumpectomy along with radiation and participation in clinical trials are other possibilities if she qualifies. The specialist educated her about testing which could help her make a more informed decision regarding her treatment path and suggested she discuss this with her local doctor. 

    The member was able to ask all of her questions of the expert oncologist, leaving her feeling understood, supported and with peace-of-mind in her next steps toward making a decision for her treatment. 

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