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    Treatment Plan Resulted with No Improvement

    Treatment Plan No Improvement

    Margarette, Tom’s wife, was diagnosed with having an Achilles Tendon Tear, but her treatment plan of rest and physical therapy managed by a local podiatrist resulted in no improvement at all. Tom remembered the 2nd.MD service available to both he and his wife through his work benefits and so they reached out for a second medical opinion.


    Margarette consulted with a top specialist at 2nd.MD, who upon reviewing her imagining noted that her condition did not look like an Achilles rupture but instead appeared to be indicative of insertional Achilles Tendinosis. The specialist suggested that Margarette see an orthopedic surgeon locally and bring this discovery to his attention.


    Margarette went to a local Orthopedic surgeon who clinically confirmed the insertional Achilles Tendinosis. Margarette proceeded to have the necessary surgery to repair her Achilles Tendon.


    Upon follow up, Margarette stated that she had her sutures removed and has begun walking again comfortably for the first time in a long time. In her own words, she exclaimed, “Thank you again for everything and helping me.”

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