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    Foot Injury

    Foot Injury

    Greg found himself suffering from a torn plantar fascia in his left heel from running barefoot in his backyard and injuring his foot on a large stone.


    He reported that he had tried many conservative treatments such as new shoes, gel inserts, resting, anti-inflammatories, ice and heat, yet still found no relief after 6 weeks.


    After trying all he could on his own, Greg finally went to a local foot doctor. The doctor scheduled him for an MRI and recommended he wear a boot for another 6 weeks. When Greg reached out to 2nd.MD, his main goal was to determine if his new proposed treatment was enough.


    The 2nd.MD specialist recommended Greg remain in the brace and suggested that when he weans himself from it, to consider a cushioned but stiff-soled shoe.  He also recommended Greg consider a night splint and physical therapy.


    Greg felt that his consult was incredibly valuable and stated that:

    “The doctor was extremely knowledgeable, understood everything about my case, offered his knowledge, opinions, and recommendations in a way that made total sense and addressed all my concerns.  I had follow-up questions that he also addressed thoroughly, and made this second opinion so valuable to me.”


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