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    The Best For Our Children

    Best for our children

    As parents, we want the best for our children and at some point, we will wrestle with decisions for their health. There are times when even a simple cold can be worrisome, especially when it’s your infant that has no way to explain their ailments. What if you received the unthinkable news that your child had been diagnosed with an illness or disease? Where would you even start looking for possible treatments?

    This is quite possibly every parent’s worst fear and sadly, for some parents, they are living the nightmare. However, for so many, 2nd.MD has offered support and hope!

    Many parents have come to 2nd.MD for advice and possible alternative treatments for their child. Why?

    • 2nd.MD has the largest resource to top specialists in their respective fields, across the US!
    • Second opinions are available without the wait time of a referral.
    • 2nd.MD connects you to a top specialist right where you are- the comfort of your home- meaning NO travel for you or your sick child.
    • All paperwork & medical records are collected by our Care Team – we don’t want you, our members, having the extra strain!
    • 2nd.MD locates an in-network,  local physician and institution which are best equipped to carry out the treatment needed.
    • 2nd.MD was founded on family values and continue to serve our members with the same foundation.

    The founders, Clint & Jade Phillips, started 2nd.MD because of their own experience as parents. Gabi, their daughter, had suffered a stroke as an infant. There was so much uncertainty surrounding what had happened and what the outcome would be. They felt lost within the healthcare system – waiting, traveling, added costs, multiple doctors and little-to-no answers.

    2nd.MD exists because of personal experience and the need to make better healthcare options available to everyone, anytime, anywhere! Every parent deserves peace of mind in knowing they have sought the best possible treatment for their child.