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    Second Opinion on a Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Second Opinion Spinal Cord Stimulator

    When Jenny first came to 2nd.MD a year ago, she was seeking a second opinion on placement of a spinal cord stimulator. At the time, the 2nd.MD specialist discussed several more conservative options for Jenny to consider before proceeding with the stimulator.


    Later, Jenny came back to 2nd.MD to speak with the specialist again when she was advised by her local doctor to undergo more procedures. The 2nd.MD specialist was unsure why a lumbar fusion was not a suggested treatment option and advised the spinal cord stimulator should be a last resort – used only when all other options have failed. Jenny went back to her local doctor with the suggestion to consider a lumbar fusion as another option instead of a spinal cord stimulator.


    Upon follow-up, Jenny indicated she was scheduled for a lumbar fusion instead of the spinal cord stimulator.  She expressed how much the 2nd.MD specialist had been a huge help over the course of the year. She was thankful for having 2nd.MD’s service and the big difference it has made in her care.