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    Possible Lung Cancer?


    An active and health-conscious 61-year-old member started experiencing pain in his shoulder after a cross country drive and a day of golfing. He had an Xray at the local hospital where he was told he had a mass in his lung which looked cancerous. He left the hospital with follow-up appointments weeks in the future. During that time, the member was worried and stressed about his condition, unsure of what to think or do. After enduring the weeks of anguish, he had a biopsy, but the results were not conclusive. The member would have to endure another period of waiting before having an additional CT scan in 4 months’ time.

    Following this news, the member contacted 2nd.MD for the first time and was connected with an expert Lung/Oncology doctor. After his consult with the doctor, the member felt empowered to ask his local doctor for a PET scan (imaging test that allows your doctor to check for diseases in your body) as soon as possible. The PET scan results were negative for cancer! Much to his relief and delight, he was able to have this confirmed with another lung surgeon.

    Afterward, the member expressed appreciation for the information provided during the 2nd.MD consultation and reported that “all is good” following a minimally invasive surgery to remove the mass on his lung.