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    Near-Fatal Ski Accident

    ski accident

    After a near-fatal ski accident, Jason was life-flighted to a Level IV trauma center in Denver. He had broken his neck and was in critical condition. Upon transfer to the ICU, the hospital’s neurosurgeon explained he would do a C1-C2 fusion the next day.

    The surgeon in Denver did not tell me about the loss of mobility that would come from the fusion or that there were any alternatives.

    The morning of the surgery, Jason consulted with a 2nd.MD neurosurgeon, Dr. Yang, directly from his hospital bed using the 2nd.MD app. Dr. Yang explained that the C1-C2 fusion would result in losing 50 percent of his head rotation for life. However, he suggested an alternative, less invasive surgery, that could result in full recovery! Since no one could perform the procedure at this facility, the 2nd.MD team located and coordinated with a nationally-recognized surgeon who could.

    Near Fatal Ski Accident

    The 2nd.MD specialist explained how the fusion would impact my quality of life and told me about an alternative surgery that would have a much better outcome.

    Following the surgery, Jason was flown home two days later and was back at work one week from the day of his accident.  He has since made a full recovery and is enjoying his adventurous life.

    The speed, expertise and care of 2nd.MD changed my life and was an incredible experience!

    Watch Jason’s testimonial [HERE]

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