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    Mammogram Results

    Mammogram Results

    At 42-years-of-age, Betsy was worried about mammogram results that revealed a mass in her breast. When her local provider suggested she have another mammogram and ultrasound, she was anxious that if only imaging was performed, the results could be inaccurate and it would result in a missed diagnosis.

    When Betsy consulted with a 2nd.MD specialist, she was educated on the importance of follow-up imaging since the initial mammogram could present a false positive. The specialist discussed that the additional imaging would be able to determine if a true breast mass exists versus an imaging error.

    After her consult, Betsy stated that she was satisfied with the consult and had been scheduled for imaging.

  • Nodules on Thyroid
    Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

    Nodules on Thyroid

    Multiple nodules appeared on Maggie’s thyroid for years! Although every biopsy came back benign, her physician recommended she have surgery to remove them. Maggie needed clarity of the procedure and risks involved…

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    Quality of Life

    “I felt as though Dr. Elfiky truly cared and understood the importance of improving my husband’s quality of life. He provided some alternative options, but ultimately agreed that our current treatment…