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    A Second Opinion for ACL Surgery

    Second Opinion ACL Surgery

    Tearing your ACL is never any fun. Neither is learning that you need surgery to repair it. Getting a second opinion however, is the easiest way to learn if surgery is necessary or not, and will put your mind at ease.


    A busy, active young woman was thrilled with the speed and efficiency of 2nd.MD’s service when she reached out for a medical second opinion. Following her local doctor’s suggestion for ACL reconstruction surgery, the member wanted to be sure she was choosing the best treatment path for her condition.  

    The 2nd.MD specialist, a top orthopedic surgeon, agreed with the member’s doctor noting that with her age and active lifestyle, she would benefit from stabilizing her knee with ACL reconstruction. The specialist explained that she would have options on graft choices, but suggested she discuss the possibility of using her own BTB (bone-tendon-bone), hamstring, or quad tendon tissue with her doctor. 

    “The 2nd.MD Specialist brought a lot of comfort confirming surgery is needed.”

    Following the consult, the member expressed her gratitude, feeling reassured and confident in her decision to proceed with the surgery. She also expressed her elation with 2nd.MD’s process from beginning to end!

    “I loved the process from beginning to end! Everyone one was so quick and efficient!”

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