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    Proposed Treatment

    Barbara, a 62-year-old mother of a 2nd.MD member, reached out when she was concerned about her proposed treatment.


    Barbara underwent a spinal fusion in 2017. She has also been experiencing hip pain recently and a labral tear was found after multiple diagnostic studies were performed. When her local doctor proposed cortisone injections for the pain, she was worried that this may not be the best option due to her severe osteoporosis. Barbara wanted more information regarding a surgical option. She also was seeking clarity on whether or not the hip pain was related to her previous fusion surgery, and if this was the best treatment plan for her labral tear.


    The 2nd.MD specialist gave Barbara suggestions other than surgery, such as physical therapy, nutrition, medications, and regenerative procedures to consider. Upon follow-up, Barbara noted that she does not intend to have any surgeries and is currently receiving acupuncture.


    “The nurse’s very caring and professional demeanor is what patients need whenever going through chronic impairments. Her care and concern is genuine. A beautiful human being for a beautiful concept in healthcare. I will forever be grateful.”

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