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    Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

    Virtual Consult from Hospital

    Virtual Consult Hospital

    Following an accident with a tractor, a 47-year-old member with a fractured back reached out to 2nd.MD from the hospital where he had been admitted. His treating physician had recommended a procedure in which bone cement would be injected into his backbones to stabilize his back.   

    Using the 2nd.MD mobile app, the member was able to speak with a top neurosurgeon who educated him on more conservative treatments such as wearing a back brace along with pain management. The specialist also suggested that the member discuss with his local doctor doing follow-up x-rays and MRI’s every 3-6 months to watch for early signs of his spine curving. 

    The member expressed his appreciation for the service and ease of the virtual consult. He decided he would try a brace and would plan to forgo any surgery at this time.

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    Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

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