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  • Service is a God-Send
    Success Stories

    This Service is a God-Send!

    In her own words, Julia stated, “This service is a God-send!” and this is her story…   Julia, a 49-year-old woman was suffering from irregular cycles and heavy bleeding. When she…

  • Metaphyseal Growth Arrest Line
    Success Stories

    Metaphyseal Growth Arrest Line

    Olivia, 2-years-old, was diagnosed with a metaphyseal growth arrest line on her left foot following a suspected fracture.    Olivia’s mother stated, “We are not sure what to do to find…

  • Her Dream Lives On
    Success Stories

    Her Dream Lives On

    When a member reaches out, usually they have lost hope about their future due to their condition. After Nancy’s consult, her dream lives on! Nancy (60+ years-of-age) was still suffering from…

  • History of Asthma
    Success Stories

    History Of Asthma

    Although Agatha had a history of Asthma, she started noticing shortness of breath in her daily activities, which was unlike anything she had experienced before. When she was told her breathing…

  • Intolerable Pain
    Success Stories

    Intolerable Pain

    A few years ago, Jarrod underwent a cervical fusion to relieve intolerable pain. Unfortunately, nothing changed. He continued to try every treatment known to him to find relief, but still, nothing…

  • still not pregnant
    Success Stories

    Still Not Pregnant

    After six years of trying and countless appointments with fertility doctors, Nadia was still not pregnant. The last fertility specialist she saw said that in vitro fertilization (IVF) might be her…

  • Brain Surgery
    Success Stories

    Daughter Recently had Brain Surgery

    Jenna’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter recently had brain surgery. Jenna and her husband Steve came to 2nd.MD to better understand their daughter’s condition and to discuss future treatment options. “We wanted to better…

  • Success Stories

    Worried About Breast Cancer

    Dalia was worried about breast cancer but got reassurance from a 2nd.MD expert about the right type and frequency of tests she should be having. After a routine mammogram, my insurer…