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    Lifeline After Car Accident

    lifeline after car accident

    2nd.MD was a lifeline for Kayla after a car accident that led to surgery and nerve damage. These are her words:

    “I was in a car accident about three years ago. As a result, I needed knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, during the surgery, I experienced nerve damage. My foot feels like it’s being stuck with a million pins and needles constantly. And it always feels freezing cold, so I wear a sock year round.

    My surgeon said it would take three years or so for the nerves to repair. It has been almost two years since the surgery, but I’ve barely had any improvement and this was very frustrating. My local doctors would just shrug and say, “Huh.” I was feeling pretty hopeless.

    That’s when I contacted 2nd.MD.

    The Care Team was fabulous! My Care Team nurse scheduled a consult with a top expert who specializes in foot, ankle and knee problems. He also consults with the NY Rangers hockey team! He was much more experienced than the doctors I had seen here.

    I was extremely impressed with the amount of time he took to discuss my case with me. He asked deep or probing questions, from which I could tell the depth of his knowledge about nerve damage.

    He gave me 3 or 4 new things to try, including physical therapy. And I have already seen some improvement and I’ve got more treatment options still ahead of me. It’s such a relief to finally be making some progress!

    I would strongly recommend 2nd.MD to anyone who feels like she doesn’t have any other options. I had exhausted my local resources and was extremely grateful to have access to specialists from 2nd.MD. It really was a lifeline.”


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    Success Stories

    Conflicting Information

    After receiving conflicting information about pain in her knee, Gail decided to use 2nd.MD in hopes of gaining clarity. “I had seen two different orthopedic doctors and still felt really lost…