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Portrait: John La Puma

John Joseph La Puma

Professional Focus Dr. John Joseph La Puma is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician with an expertise in nutrition as it relates to cholesterol control, diabetes and triglycerides with lifestyle (principally diet) alternatives to medication. Dr. La Puma performed the first fellowship in clinical medical ethics and general internal medicine in the U.S. He enjoys teaching cooking, and co-created "Chef MD" to offer healthy easy recipes and "Refuel" to help men get strong and lean.
Honors & Awards Fellow of the American College of Physicians

National Association of Medical Communicators' highest honor and national prize.

Written and hosted PBS Special called Eat and Cook Healthy with Dr. John La Puma
Research & Publications 1. Health-related Culinary Education: A Summary of Representative Emerging Programs for Health Professionals and Patients.
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20. Selling supplements in the office means grappling with tough issues.
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Cholesterol, High
Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)
Dysmetabolic Syndrome (Metabolic Syndrome)
IR, Insulin Resistance
Secondary Hyopgonadism (Low Testosterone)
Lap Band Surgery Gastric Banding
Gastric Stapling Restrictive Surgery Procedure
GTT Glucose Tolerance Test
Baylor College of Medicine, 1982
Medical School
UCLA, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center
University of Chicago, Clinical Ethics
Board Certifications
American Board of Internal Medicine
Hospital Affiliation
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital