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Portrait: Brian Cole

Brian J Cole

Professional Focus Dr. Brian Cole is double board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine specializing in cartilage transplantation, arthroscopy, and shoulder, elbow, and knee surgery. Through new findings in science and clinical research, Dr. Cole has developed several innovative techniques for the treatment of shoulder, elbow and knee conditions.

Dr. Cole earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and completed an internship in General Surgery at Loyola University Medical Center. He then completed a residency in Orthopedic Surgery and a fellowship in Metabolic Bone Disease at the acclaimed Hospital for Special Surgery. Currently Dr. Cole serves as the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Rush Oak Park Hospital, a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Anatomy & Cell Biology at Rush Medical College, and the Section Head of the Cartilage Restoration Center.

Dr. Cole’s research focuses on cartilage transplantation, rotator cuff healing, and shoulder instability. He has studied and written over hundreds of research publications and has been a part of many clinical trials relating to his specialty. Dr. Cole is frequently chosen as one of the “Best Doctors in America” since 2004 and as a “Top Doctor” in the Chicago metro area since 2003. In 2006, he was featured on the cover Chicago Magazine as “Chicago’s Top Doctor” and was selected as the NBA Team Physician of the Year in 2009. Orthopedics This Week has named Dr. Cole as one of the top 20 sports medicine, knee and shoulder specialists repeatedly over the last 5 years as selected by his peers.

Member survey feedback:
“Dr. Cole has a wealth of knowledge, credibility and experience that related to my specific condition. I appreciate that very much. He was truly concerned that I received the quality and right care I deserved!”
Honors & Awards Selected Awards ( 60+ ) :

Most Cited Publication Award from Arthroscopy - 2018
HSS Distinguished Alumnus Award - 2017
65 Orthopedic Surgeons Recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons, Becker’s Orthopedic Review - 2017
AOSSM Fellow Research Award for Clinical Science - 2017
AANA - J. Whit Ewing Resident/Fellow Essay Award - 2017
America’s Best Physicians - 2017
Honorary Member National Athletic Trainers’ Association - 2017
Inaugural Steve Gitelis Award for Tissue Transplantation - 2017
Best Clinical Paper, French Arthroscopy Society Meeting - 2016
Best Clinical Paper, Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine - 2016
Research & Publications Selected Publications:

Saltzman BM, Cotter EJ, Stephen JP, Cvetanovich GL, Madden B, Wang K, Yanke AB, Cole BJ. Preoperative Tibial Subchondral Bone Marrow Lesion Patterns and Association with Outcomes after Isolated Meniscus Allograft Transplantation. Am J Sports Med. February 2018.

Saltzman BM, Meyer MA, Leroux TS, Gitelis ME, Debot M, Yanke AB, Cole BJ. The Influence of Full-Thickness Chondral Defects on Outcomes Following Meniscal Allograft Transplantation: A Comparative Study. Arthroscopy. February 2018.

Frank RM, Lee S, Cotter EJ, Hannon CP, Leroux T, Cole BJ. Outcomes of Osteochondral Transplantation With and Without Concomitant Meniscus Allograft Transplantation: A Comparative Matched Group Analysis. Am J Sports Med. Online January 2018.

Saltzman BM, Rao A, Erickson BJ, Cvetanovich GL, Levy D, Cole BJ, Bach BR Jr. A systematic review of 21 tibial tubercle osteotomy studies and more than 1000 knees: indications, clinical outcomes, complications, and reoperations. Am J Orthop. 2017 November;46(6):E396-E407.

Frank RM, Della Valle CJ, Plummer DR, Chalmers PN, Cole BJ. Does Prior Cartilage Restoration Impact Outcomes Following Knee Arthroplasty? Orthop Clin N Am. 2017; 48: 265-73.

Yanke AB, Urita A, Shin JJ, Cvetanovich GL, Moran E, Bach BR, Cole BJ, Inoue N, Verma NN. Topographic Analysis of the Distal Femoral Condyle Articular Cartilage Surface: Adequacy of the Graft from Opposite Condyles of the Same or Different Size for the Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation. Cartilage, accepted November 27th, 2017.

Yanke AB, Konopka ML, Butty DC, Meyer MA, Cotter EJ, Espinoza AA, Cole BJ. Effect of Vertical or Beveled Chondral Defect Creation on Rim Deformation and Contact. Cartilage, accepted November 23, 2017.

Cole B, McGrath B, Salottolo K, Bar-Or D. LMWF-5A for the Treatment of Severe Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Integrated Analysis of Safety and Efficacy. Orthopedics. doi: 10.3928/01477447-20171114-05

Saltzman BM, Mayo BC, Bohl DD, Frank RM, Cole BJ, Verma NN, Nicholson GP, Romeo AA. Evaluation of fever in the immediate post-operative period following shoulder arthroplasty. The Bone & Joint Journal. 2017; 99(11): 1515-1519.

McCarthy MA, Meyer MA, Weber AE, Levy DM, Tilton AK, Yanke AB, Cole BJ. Can Competitive Athletes Return to High-Level Play After Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation of the Knee? Arthroscopy. 2017; 33(9): 1712-17.
Adhesive capsulitis
Anserine bursitis
Anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ) tear
Articular cartilage degradation
Aseptic necrosis
Baker cyst
Bicep tendonitis
Chondromalacia patella
Collateral ligament tear
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Discoid meniscus
Dislocated shoulder
Distal humerus fracture
Elbow bursitis
Elbow fracture
Elbow tendonitis
Fracture of shoulder blade
Frozen shoulder
Glenoid labrum tear
Golfer's elbow
Knee bursitis
Lateral epicondylitis
Meniscal deficiency
Meniscus tear
Osteochondritis dissecans
Patellar arthritis
Patellar fracture
Patellar instability
Patellar tendon tear
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Posterior cruciate ligament ( PCL ) tear
Quadricep tendon tear
Radial head fracture
Rotator cuff tear
Runner's knee
Shoulder bursitis
Shoulder impingement
Shoulder instability
SLAP lesion
SLAP tear
Tennis elbow
Anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ) reconstruction
Distal clavicle excision
Elbow reconstruction
Knee arthroscopy
Shoulder arthroscopy
Shoulder reconstrucion
The University of Pittsburgh - Sports Medicine
Hospital for Special Surgery, Cornell Medical Center - Orthopaedic Surgery
Loyola University Medical Center - General Surgery
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Medical School
Board Certifications
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
Hospital Affiliation
Rush Hospital
Rush Oak Park Hospital
Place of Work
Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush Medical College | Hospital Based, Academic | Current
Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Rush Medical College | Academic | Current
Chairman, Department of Surgery, Rush Oak Park Hospital | Hospital Based | Current
Section Head, Cartilage Restoration Center | Hospital Based | Current