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Our Company Culture


Here at 2nd.MD, we are pioneers—we are committed to making access to the best doctors easier, and we are changing the way people think about healthcare. Drawing on our diverse backgrounds, we are redesigning the traditional healthcare experience, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to connect members with physicians hundreds of miles away. We are constantly challenging the way things have always been done, and instead, asking how things should be done: can we make accessing elite medical advice even faster, easier and more convenient? In everything we do, we strive to be warm, effortless, and momentous in the lives of those we help.

While we’re constantly challenging the status quo, and moving fast, we also know the value of kicking back & relaxing. As a company, we’re a close knit group that enjoys a good game of kickball, Friday team lunches, and volunteering in the community together. If 2nd.MD sounds like a team that you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you!

More than just the average team

We care about the community
We take care of our health
We are a family


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