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As part of your Michaels Stores benefits, you can get an expert second opinion from a leading specialist at no additional cost to you! Connect with an expert by video from the comfort of home when it's convenient for you.

2nd.MD is available to you and your eligible dependents. Activate your account to get started.

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Three simple steps to a second opinion

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    Activate your account and request a consult

    Activate your account to get started. You can submit a request for an expert medical opinion for yourself or a dependent.

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    Speak with your dedicated nurse

    Talk to an experienced, compassionate nurse to see if a second opinion is right for you. We'll handle the rest, including gathering your medical records.

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    Consult with a leading specialist

    Connect to a specialist who's an expert in your condition. Video consultations are availabile when it's convenient for you, including nights and weekends.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers on how 2nd.MD can help you and your eligible dependents.

2nd.MD provides access to medical consultations with expert specialists, also called second opinions.

With 2nd.MD, you and your eligible dependents can connect directly with experts by video from the comfort of home. You'll be paired with a doctor who specializes in your specific condition. They'll review your medical records and have a detailed conversation with you, so you can feel confident about your medical decisions.

Throughout the process, you'll work with a highly skilled, empathetic nurse to help you understand your medical diagnosis, review questions to ask your doctor and help you navigate the healthcare system.

We have an extensive network of doctors across hundreds of subspecialties and thousands of conditions, including back, knee, shoulder and hip conditions, cancer, women's and men's health, heart disease, stroke, digestive problems, ear, nose and throat concerns, immunological disorders, mental health concerns and more.

2nd.MD can help you confirm a diagnosis, learn more about a condition and explore treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your medical care.

Here are a few reasons why you or an eligible dependent might use 2nd.MD services:

  • Feeling unsure whether a new or existing diagnosis is accurate
  • Considering an upcoming surgery or medical procedure
  • Dealing with a chronic condition that isn't improving
  • Having questions about treatment options, including medication review

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No! 2nd.MD services are 100% covered for you and your eligible dependents as part of your Michaels Stores benefits.

2nd.MD has an extensive network of diverse, nationally recognized board-certified specialists. They are hand-selected as expert leaders in their field for a specific condition. Many have trained or currently provide care at the nation's top healthcare institutions.

Your dedicated 2nd.MD nurse will keep you up to date on the timing of your consultation as your request is processed. The exact timing may vary depending on the length of time it takes to retrieve your medical records. Once your records are complete, most consults are scheduled in a matter of days.

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