Lower Healthcare Costs,
Improve Clinical Outcomes, and
Boost Member Satisfaction
with Virtual Expert Medical opinions.

Combining Human Touch and the Nation’s Leading Medical Expertise

2nd.MD provides convenient virtual access to experts from top national institutions who are leading the research, clinical trials, and next generation of health care. Access to virtual expertise results in reduced healthcare costs, improved clinical outcomes and increased member satisfaction. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, upcoming surgery, or questions about a chronic condition or pain, we help members along their entire journey.

Here are the services 2nd.MD offers employers and health plans:

Expert Medical Opinions

Quick and convenient access to a virtual expert opinion prior to treatment helps eliminate unnecessary surgeries and misdiagnoses. Members get peace of mind and confidence in their treatment decisions when they speak directly with an expert in their specific diagnosis who has access to their medical records, tests and imaging and informs them of all the evidence-based treatment options aligned with their personal goals and preferences.

Having an expert medical opinion is a way for consumers to get information about their health that is easy to understand and accurate. Our consultations include:

  • A virtual conversation with an expert physician within three to five days by video or phone.
  • Consultations last for 30 minutes on average, and as long as the member needs to have questions answered and feel confident with diagnosis and treatment path.
  • We take care of collecting and curating all of the member medical records, imaging, pathology and tests on our secure HITRUST certified platform for the expert specialist.
  • Within 24-hours of the virtual expert consultation, members get a written summary explaining recommended next steps. Our care team nurse also connects with them to support them through the next steps in their care, including expedited appointment scheduling at centers of excellence, pathology re-test, peer-to-peer consultations with the member’s treating physician and more.

Medical Certainty Navigation

Every 2nd.MD member is guided on their healthcare journey by our condition-specific Care Team nurses.

Guidance includes condition-specific education, high-touch coaching, scheduling Expert Medical Opinions, and other services that help them navigate the complexities of managing their health and achieving better health outcomes.

Personalized Local Support

Our Personalized Local Support team connects members to any needed local resources to start or continue their care.

These could include local wellness programs, support groups, and those provided by the employer or health plan as well as high-quality, local in-network physicians.

About the Specialists That Work With 2nd.MD

2nd.MD has access to over 900 expert physician specialists representing all specialties and subspecialties, ensuring members are connected to the appropriate specialist. Members can be sure the specialist they talk to will be one of the nation’s best because we choose them based on their years of practice in their niche subspecialty, research and academic publications.

We streamline the pathway to optimal health. Our members say they have never spoken to a doctor for this long or understood their condition so clearly.

Visit Business Resources to learn more about 2nd.MD. If you would like to contact us directly, email busdev@2nd.md or call us at 1-866-410-8650.


The average number of minutes a member talks to one of our expert physician specialists via phone or video call from the comfort of their own home.


Our NPS score. Net Promoter Score ranges from -100 to 100 and measures customer loyalty and willingness to recommend a brand.


The number of board-certified physician specialists we work with from the nation’s leading centers of excellence, academic, medical and research facilities


The percent of members who say that receiving a consult increases their appreciation of their company’s benefits


The percentage of consults that lead to an alternative treatment plan


The percentage of consults that lead to an alternate diagnosis


The percentage of consults that lead to voluntarily cancelled surgeries

Source: 2nd.MD Book of Business Statistics 2020