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Lyme Disease


Jamie reached out to 2nd.MD to connect with a specialist for her recent diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

“For years, I went from doctor to doctor, desperately seeking answers for my health problems. Each time I walked away feeling frustrated and hopeless. Eventually I received a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme disease.  Unfortunately, the doctor was not a specialist so I didn’t know what to do with this information. There’s a lot of controversy about the treatment of Lyme disease and no FDA approved treatment, I felt even more confused.

Luckily, my employer made 2nd.MD available to our company and I was able to connect with a leading Lyme specialist, Dr. Aucott.  On top of connecting with a doctor, the customer service was outstanding! Tiffney was compassionate, quick to respond, and went out of her way to answer all of my questions. Not only did Dr. Aucott provide guidance and a course of action, he instilled hope that I could recover and be healthy!”


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