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Metastatic Breast Cancer



Karen was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer earlier this year. Her oncologist suggested an aggressive treatment plan including a double mastectomy. Not convinced that the recommended treatment was best for her, she turned to 2nd.MD  for answers.

“ I had made up my mind to get a second opinion but I was concerned I would have to go through additional tests.  2nd.MD seemed like a perfect fit! I was immediately impressed with the ease of scheduling and the caliber of doctors.

They matched me with Dr. Craig Henderson, one of the world’s leading breast cancer clinicians. Dr. Henderson suggested holding off on the mastectomy until I saw the progress made on the chemotherapy regimen. He not only saved me the added stress of a surgery but also provided clarity to my other treatment options.

After my session with Dr. Henderson, I felt as if I had options, where none seemed to exist before. I took the information to my own oncologist, who was amazed that I was able to get a consult with a legend in the field. The consult gave me the confidence to push for the treatment I wanted. I would recommend 2nd.MD to anyone. It changed the course of my treatment for the better and I’m extremely grateful for the service.”


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