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Tourette Syndrome

Ielene“My son suffers greatly from OCD and Tourette syndrome. He has seen the best neurologists and psychiatrists in the our city and we have tried all methods of treatment to no avail. He is 21 years old and he gets hopeless at times. It is hard to watch.

My consult with Dr. Tendler gave me more insight than all the other doctors combined, including the information I need to move forward. As a single parent the fact that this consult was paid for was truly a gift.  The system worked incredibly smoothly and rapidly too. From signing into the 2nd MD website to having the consult with an expert MD was less than a 24 hour span.

I want to thank you for this incredible service. As parents, watching our children suffer is a very painful thing, and through the doctor with 2nd.MD I have hope again.”

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