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Severe Ankle Pain

imageMatt has suffered from constant and sometimes severe ankle pain for several years. He saw multiple doctors and was finally told he would need surgery to fix the pain. He decided to get a second opinion before making any big decisions.

“I had used 2nd.MD before, and knew I would get the answers I needed. I play ice hockey and thought that an injury from playing could be contributing to my pain. Luckily, I was able to schedule a consult with Dr. Sheskier, the New York Rangers orthopedic surgeon. He reassured me that the injury I had was not related to hockey and agreed that surgery was the best course of treatment. Dr. Sheskier was very informative and I got the impression he genuinely cared and wanted to help. The 2nd.MD Care Team was very quick, helpful and diligent as well. Should I face another difficult medical decision, I will definitely use 2nd.MD again.”

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