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Back Problems!

Back problems had plagued Mary for decades. However, a second opinion from one of our specialists has convinced her she’s going to get her life back.

I have been dealing with back problems since 1978 and had surgery in 2012. As anyone who has had back problems knows, they can really mess up your life!

In November 2014, I developed another disc problem and scar tissue on the right side of my back. It was very painful! I went to doctor who did my surgery in 2012 and he recommended TLIF (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) surgery. I would be out of work for 4-6 weeks and wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route. So I investigated the accurascope procedure, a minimally invasive procedure. But I was nervous that this procedure wouldn’t work and that my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

I decided to get a second opinion from 2nd.MD.

I contacted the Care Team – who were awesome! They got all my paperwork quickly and easily, including MRIs. In about a day, the Care Team had found the right doctor for me and offered times for our consult. I selected a consult time for Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, I got the call from Dr. Gelb – he was even a few minutes early! Dr. Gelb is an expert in spine surgery and was very nice and informative. He didn’t rush me, explained things clearly and made me feel so comfortable.

After looking at all my information and talking to me, Dr. Gelb recommended that I go ahead with the TLIF procedure. He made me feel so much better and gave me tremendous peace of mind.

I’m going to have the surgery at the Texas Back Institute. I feel much more confident that I’m taking the right course after getting a second opinion.

And I’m confident that I’m going to get my life back.

– Mary

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