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Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Paul got a second opinion about his diagnosis of osteoporosis from a 2nd.MD specialist. He and his wife were also helped in  finding the right doctors in their new hometown of Austin, TX. His experience with 2nd.MD has been “positive in every way.”

Linda and I have been very pleased with the resources of 2nd.MD from the beginning.

Shortly before the affiliation of the Texas A&M System with 2nd.MD, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower back. I decided to seek the resources of 2nd.MD. It was very easy to establish an account and I was soon thereafter contacted by an RN, Emily, who walked me through the steps of acquiring and providing my medical records and obtaining a second opinion. She provided a list of several specialists whom I might consult about the osteoporosis, and I was able to choose a doctor based in New York City with a Harvard affiliation, Dr. Harold Rosen.

I had a very productive and lengthy (45 minutes) videoconference consultation with Dr. Rosen, and he provided exceptionally valuable advice, both in recommending further tests so as to rule out more serious issues and in recommending that I see a spinal physiatrist, a specialist in the field of back therapy and regenerative treatment. Emily was in constant contact with me throughout this process and, in fact, identified a spinal physiatrist whom I was able to see in a matter of days.

Moreover, 2nd.MD, and Emily in particular, have also been invaluable in identifying a number of physicians in the Austin area, where we have recently moved. Because we came with no referrals, Emily has been our source for identifying physicians who would take new patients, accept Medicare, and be part of the TAMU Blue Cross-Blue Shield network, all critical elements for us. Without Emily, we would have had to do this on our own with very little guidance. As a consequence of her efforts, we have four appointments with doctors, all as a result of 2nd.MD.

We highly recommend the services of 2nd.MD. The personal attention of someone like Emily and the prompt and efficient efforts she has undertaken on our behalf have made our transition to Austin, after 41 years in College Station, much, much smoother and reassuring than it would otherwise have been.

That 2nd.MD services are provided to Texas A&M employees and retirees without charge is a remarkable benefit. Thank you, Emily, and thank you 2nd.MD!

– Paul

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