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Dizziness and Chest Pressure

Dr. Brad Herskowitz, MD

Dr. Brad Herskowitz, MD

Denise came to 2nd.MD to gain clarity about her husband’s medical condition which included dizziness and chest pressure.

 “My husband had been experiencing dizziness and chest pressure among may other vague symptoms for the last six months. He had seen multiple doctors and all tests were normal. His symptoms were affecting his daily activities, so we came to 2nd.MD to get additional ideas and answers. Our Care Team Specialist Natasha was very helpful and attentive. She handled retrieving all the needed medical records and coordinated the appointment. It was very helpful to have one doctor look over all the accumulated files and test results at once in order to verify a diagnosis. Our consult with 2nd.MD specialist Dr. Herskowitz definitely gave us peace of mind and we could not be happier with the service.”

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