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Excruciating Pain

“I tore the plantar fascia in my foot while running and despite several treatment attempts continued to have excruciating pain. After months of pain, my doctor recommended surgery as my next best option. Although I was anxious for the pain to stop, I wasn’t sure if surgery was the right choice for me.

From the very beginning, the communication of the 2nd.MD staff was phenomenal. I was matched with Dr. Sheskier, a renowned foot and ankle specialist with decades of expertise. It was as if he had been my doctor for several years. He listened to all of my concerns and recommended that I get a MRI to find out what was really going on with my foot.

Ultimately, the MRI was the answer to everything and saved me an unnecessary surgery. My foot is healing and I will be running in no time. I am so thankful for the second opinion. I tell anyone who asks about my foot about 2nd.MD!  I also try to encourage people to give 2nd.MD a try because of my great experience.”


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