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Second Opinion for Biopsy Results

second opinion for biopsy results

Tiffani came to 2nd.MD for a second opinion for the new and increasing symptoms she was experiencing, as well as her biopsy results:

“I first heard about 2nd.MD through my employer. Because of a family history of various cancers, the new and increasing symptoms (e.g., uterine pain and heavy bleeding), and my commitment to proactive healthcare, I decided to get a second opinion (i.e., about my biopsy results and to see if surgery was the best option for me) and decided to activate my account.

The sign up for this service was very easy, and when I logged in for the first time a text box even popped up asking me if I needed assistance. Donya was on my case, and she was right there with instant feedback. From caring healthcare professionals walking me through each step, I got a lot of help throughout the process. I just cannot say enough about my experience, especially the 2nd.MD specialist, who was very personable and talked to me like I was an actual individual… not just a chart of information. I ended up getting to talk to a great specialist, and I am now in the process of following through with her advice.

My regular OB-GYN is great and had given me sound, comprehensive advice. The 2nd.MD specialist helped me think about my options in a different way, though, helping me to make the best decision for me. I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to my colleagues.”

– Tiffani

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