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Suffering from Tension Headaches

After suffering from tension headaches for over a year and trying multiple treatments, Angela sought out 2nd.MD for advice.

2013-09-09 09.56.50“I was restricted from everyday activities and every treatment I tried only gave temporary relief. I had a wonderful experience with 2nd.MD before, and decided to use it again. My Care Team Specialist Natasha was really great and stayed on top of things to get my appointment scheduled quickly. I was able to consult with Dr. Rosenthal, who immediately wanted to find the root cause of my pain. He first suggested a local referral, but upon realizing we were located in the same state, he offered to fit me in at his office within just a couple of days! He was quickly able to diagnose me and begin next steps. It feels great to finally have a clear diagnosis and a plan for fixing the underlying issue versus just treating the symptoms. I’m excited to get my life back, and I am so grateful to be able to speak with the foremost experts for free. With 2nd.MD, there is absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!”

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