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Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene

Jennifer used 2nd.MD to get a second opinion about testing for the breast cancer gene.

Earlier this year, my doctor said I should get tested for the breast cancer gene (BRCA). I found out I was positive, so I visited an oncologist to find out what my next step would be. But then I also wanted to get another view about possible surgeries, so I contacted 2nd.MD.

I liked that I was given a choice of doctors and I picked the one that fit best for me, Dr. Webster.

When I spoke to her, she came up with a lot of things to ask my local oncologist. Dr. Webster also suggested some other ideas about how to proceed moving forward — really helpful. In fact, Dr. Webster had gone through the same experience I was having regarding breast cancer. So we really connected and I was really pleased with her bedside manner.

During our talk, she suggested I should consider having an abdominal ultrasound. So I went ahead and did a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and found some liver abnormalities! This was not something I would have found unless the 2nd.MD doctor had advised me to get the ultrasound. So that was really good.

I’ve decided to have two different surgeries in 2016, a hysterectomy then probably a mastectomy. I decided it’s better to not have cancer than risk it. And talking to Dr. Webster really put my mind at ease about both.

I will definitely use 2nd.MD again. It’s made a huge difference for me. It’s invaluable.

– Jennifer

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