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Why Doctors Like 2nd.MD

Why would doctors want to work with 2nd.MD? Why do doctors like 2nd.MD? We get asked these questions daily!

One thing that often gets overlooked is how frustrated doctors are with the current healthcare system in the US.

It is easy to think that they are part of this bigger system — that there is an “us” and they are a part of “them.” But is that really true? Most doctors became doctors to help people and they have spent their life working hard to make that happen.

This is why doctors like 2nd.MD:

It is the idea that they can just do the ‘help’ part, without dealing with all of the insurance and administration issues. 2nd.MD consultations might even be a stress reliever for some doctors. After completing a 2nd.MD on-line consultation, one doctor’s response was, “I got to do what I thought I was going to be doing when I started medical school. I got in, I helped somebody, and that was it. It was amazing!”

Here’s what some doctors have to say about 2nd.MD:

  1. It’s easy
  2. They can reach a much larger audience
  3. They focus on topics they care about
  4. They work where and when they choose
  5. They get to help people
  6. They are valued for their knowledge and get paid for it.

So, why is this good for you?

Because, it is precisely why such an amazing selection of medical specialists can be made available. It is because doctors prefer 2nd.MD over other similar-sounding programs. You can schedule an appointment with a medical specialist with virtually no waiting, not to mention having several to choose from, preselected from the top medical institutions and programs in the US.

This level of access to leading medical specialists is unprecedented. It is revolutionary. It completely changes how people access medical specialists. This, quite frankly, is very good for you.

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