Diseases & Conditions Success Stories

Abnormal Cluster of Blood Vessels in the Brain

A school teacher in Michigan hit her head when she slipped and fell on some ice. At the ER she was assessed and an MRI showed an abnormal cluster of blood vessels in the brain. With this diagnosis, she was instructed to avoid high-impact activities, prescribed Tylenol for her pain, and told to follow-up in one year for another MRI.

She continued to suffer extreme migraines and memory loss which worsened daily. Desperate for a solution, she contacted 2nd.MD.

Using the 2nd.MD video platform, the 2nd.MD specialist observed that the teacher had abnormal reflexes, uncontrolled movements of the eye, and one-sided arm and facial weakness. From this, the specialist recommended another MRI be done as soon as possible. In following the doctor’s recommendation, a brain hemorrhage was discovered!

Without seeking a second opinion, this teacher’s story could have ended poorly, and possibly with the loss of her life!


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