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Heart Disease: America’s Leading Cause of Death

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Regardless of scientific advances, the risk of having a heart attack remains alarmingly high. More than 600,000 Americans die each year as a result of heart disease. Every 40 seconds, an American will suffer a heart attack and 90% of those who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of medical care, will die. By the time you have finished reading this first paragraph, someone in the US has been a victim of this disease.

With all the medical research, as well as society being more educated on the heart’s health, why is heart disease prevalent today?:

  1. High Blood Pressure – One out of three adults have high blood pressure and only half of all adults who have high blood pressure have it under control. Many who have hypertension are unaware with no symptoms. It is important to visit your doctor annually for routine check-ups. When experiencing symptoms which concern you,  you should consult with a doctor as soon as possible.   Symptoms which may concern you could be difficulty breathing, severe headaches, sleep apnea, or  chest pains.
  2. Diabetes – A quarter of all people who have diabetes are unaware. Each year, the number of people affected by diabetes increases. More and more children are affected by diabetes leaving the younger generation greatly exposed to the risk of heart disease. The longer a person lives with diabetes, the more damage it causes to the blood vessels and nerves. While there is no cure for diabetes, some people have gone into “remission”.
  3. Hyperlipidemia – This is more commonly known as high cholesterol. Nearly 29 million US adults and 7% of children have a high total cholesterol. In some cases, high cholesterol is genetic and therefore difficult to prevent.  A healthy diet and lifestyle reduces the risk.

2nd.MD doctor’s have seen an increased number of patients with these health conditions and often these patients received the wrong treatment plans before coming to 2nd.MD doctors for consults.

2nd.MD gives patients and loved ones the confidence in knowing they are receiving the best advice from world renowned specialists.

While it is essential to prevent heart disease, it is vital to receive the best medical care when experiencing heart problems. 

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