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Even the Young & Strong Need a Doctor

You’re young and strong.  You have a healthy lifestyle.  

You seem to be immune to everything… even the common cold. Why then do you still need to see a doctor?

While you may feel strong and appear to be healthy today, you should prevent and protect yourself for the future.

You should establish a patient-doctor relationship sooner than later. The best relationships are open and honest. By establishing an open relationship, you are able to maintain your health. Your doctor can also then assess the risk for any possible health concerns, diseases or cancer.

It is your responsibility to have an annual wellness check. Be sure to consult with your doctor every year (minimum). This allows your doctor to screen and detect any health issues in the early stages. If any necessary treatments are needed, they can begin sooner.

A primary care doctor will record & track your health with you whole wellbeing in mind. Your age, lifestyle, environment, and medical history. Even family medical history is also important because genetics can affect your health up to 50% or more. So while you may think you are healthy, you cannot ignore what you cannot see or feel.

General health screenings can include blood pressure,  immunizations and boosters. Depending on your age & history, you may be screened for cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and infectious diseases.  Other routine visits are eye exams, oral & dental health, and gender specific related consults. These are all vitally and equally important.  

Your regular checkups will affect you more than just your physical being. You will have peace of mind by speaking with your doctor, knowing you have protected yourself from the possibilities of any health problems.

Just think, by having regular checkups, it doesn’t make you sick, it makes you healthier and you may just live longer!   

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