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Company’s Mission is Truly Noble

Company Mission Truly Noble

“I sincerely thank the entire 2nd.MD team. Your company’s mission is one of the few truly noble ones out there.”

This proclamation was from Andy’s parents after their personal experience with 2nd.MD


After receiving distressing news that their little boy would have to undergo a testicular removal when a mass was discovered, Andy’s parents contacted 2nd.MD.


2nd.MD connected the parents with a specialist from Boston Children’s Hospital, where they were presented with the information that a much more conservative option was available for their son.  The conservative option would require only the removal of the mass and not the reproductive organ entirely.


Andy’s parents were so impressed with the knowledge and care provided to them that they even made an appointment with this specialist in person, and have not regretted their decision.


One of the parents expressed,  “the experts at Boston Children’s Hospital helped put us on a path of treatment that is far more conservative than the aggressive surgery that our locally-based specialist was insisting upon. I’ve long been a fan of your organization, but now I have my own personal story and experience that has really driven it home.”



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