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Diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver

diagnosed liver

Elizabeth was diagnosed with a stable, non-cancerous liver cyst a few years ago and was advised to just keep a watchful eye on it, and make her follow up appointments.  Shortly after her move to Florida, Elizabeth had a checkup where they performed an ultrasound of her liver and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the Liver. She was horrified and left feeling completely unsure of what to do or what her next steps should be.


Thankfully 2nd.MD was a service offered to Elizabeth through her insurance. She was connected with a 2nd.MD specialist who evaluated her blood work, imaging and diagnostic testing which had been performed. The specialist determined that in his opinion the results were not supportive of stage 4 Cirrhosis or any form of Cirrhosis.


With the help of 2nd.MD’s referral program, Elizabeth was paired with a 2nd.MD specialist within her new home state. 2nd.MD coordinated the transfer of all her medical records and Elizabeth did not have a wait time to see the new specialist. Upon follow-up, the 2nd.MD specialist in Florida confirmed that Elizabeth did not have Cirrhosis and that the initial false positive was due to the non-cancerous liver cyst.


Elizabeth was extremely grateful to 2nd.MD and for the ability to have a service which provides “an additional set of eyes.”


“The specialist was very professional and answered everything that needed to be addressed for my health concerns.”

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