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Different Diagnoses & Multiple Treatments

Different Diagnoses Multiple Treatments

By the time Steve reached out to 2nd.MD, he had already consulted with numerous doctors, received different diagnoses and had multiple treatments over the course of four years.

Frustrated with ongoing upper right sided abdominal pain that persisted despite diet modification and even a cholecystectomy, he was dismayed when he was diagnosed with an aneurysm.

Steve’s local physician advised him that he would need surgery to treat the hepatic aneurysm, but he was hesitant since he had already gone through surgery and his health issues remained unresolved.  

When Steve was paired with a 2nd.MD specialist, he was able to address his concerns and confirm or rule out the necessity for surgical intervention. The 2nd.MD specialist took the time to listen to Steve and provided him with information to discuss with his local doctor, such as the benefits of an endovascular approach, as opposed to open surgery.

Steve left the consult feeling confident and reassured that he was on the right path for his overall health.


 “My consultation was excellent, I feel like [the 2nd.MD specialist] educated me on so many aspects of the disease, best treatment plan, and what I should be asking my doctors. I am so glad I used this service.”

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