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Living in Alaska but Still Connected to Top Doctor

Living in Alaska Connected to Top Doctor

Living in Alaska has many benefits, such as closeness to wildlife, the wilderness and unmatched scenic views at the turn of every corner. However, as 68-year-old Martha noted prior to contacting 2nd.MD, access to medical specialists was not something that was easy to come by. Having been diagnosed with diabetic macular edema, Martha was experiencing complications in her recovery following cataract surgery.


She was already receiving treatment in Alaska and having injections every few weeks. However, Martha noted that the time in-between injections were becoming shorter. Martha began to inquire if her treatment plan was the very best for her at the time. She would have to see a specialist in Seattle to get a 2nd opinion but was pleased to discover that she could also consult with a specialist on her phone through the 2nd.MD app in the comfort of her own home.


Martha was paired with one of our top specialists after the 2nd.MD team had retrieved all of her medical records. The 2nd.MD specialist confirmed that Martha’s treating physician was doing an excellent job with her care and that she was on an effective treatment plan. The specialist suggested Martha discuss with her treating physician a different medication which might reduce the frequency of injections and improve symptom management.


Martha’s local physician was not only welcoming to the 2nd opinion but also informed Martha that their office had samples to try of the recommended medication. Martha expressed that she couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything worked out…and continues to rave about 2nd.MD.


“I will advise my HR rep of my feedback and that I highly recommend it [2nd.MD]  to all the employees! Thank you for being so cheerful throughout this and helping me with the electronics!”

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