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Diagnosed With Cellulitus

Skin Infection Cellulitis

Tammy was hospitalized for eight days when she developed redness, swelling, and itchiness in her leg following a fall. During her stay, she was diagnosed with a skin infection called cellulitis and treated with steroids, antibiotics and pain medication. Unfortunately for Tammy, she continued with numerous rounds of antibiotics and steroids as the cellulitis recurred.  


Frustrated with the recurrence of her condition, she proceeded with vein and artery ultrasounds which followed with negative results.  At her local doctor’s suggestion, Tammy consulted with a dermatologist for a possible autoimmune disorder. The dermatologist’s opinion was that it was not likely an autoimmune disorder but suggested that her condition was possibly due to her excess weight. Yet again, she felt like she did not have the answers she was searching for and made the decision to contact 2nd.MD.


Through the 2nd.MD app, Tammy consulted with an expert who specializes in Internal Medicine Immunology. Through her discussion with the specialist, she discovered that all her symptoms were similar to that of “Wells Syndrome”. This condition could be treated and resolved within a few weeks.


The Specialist was able to provide me with answers when no one else could, and explain it all to me in a way I could understand.


With confidence, Tammy took the information to her local treating physician where she could be evaluated. She expressed gratitude for the professional care and kindness 2nd.MD provided to her.


2nd.MD is such an incredible service. It makes a huge difference to my health to know what I am dealing with physically.

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