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Evaluated by Three Different Gastroenterologists

evaluated by three different Gastroenterologists

Jeremy experienced loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and heartburn due to difficulty swallowing. His condition resulted in a 35 lb. weight loss and extreme fatigue which caused low performance and eventually forced him to resign from his job.

Jeremy was evaluated by three different Gastroenterologists. All test results from multiple endoscopies, biopsies, and an esophageal dilation, came back as “normal”.

Frustrated with his unresolved condition and undiagnosed symptoms, Jeremy reached out to 2nd.MD for a second opinion.

Upon review of Jeremy’s tests and medical records, the 2nd.MD specialist suggested diet/eating style changes as well as gastrointestinal, motility evaluation.

When the 2nd.MD team followed-up with Jeremy, he was confident in the suggestions made by the 2nd.MD specialist.

“[The 2nd.MD Specialist] is the most intelligent, thoughtful Doctor in the United States of America.  Her knowledge and brilliance were evident from the moment we talked until we completed the consultation, nearly one hour later.  She is blessed with not only being a world-class gastroenterologist but with the wisdom of the wisest.”

Jeremy is scheduled to see a new GI specialist and has an EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) and barium swallow pending. He is hopeful to have his condition diagnosed and resolved!

“The Care Team Specialist exceeded all expectations, very smart, knowledgeable, highly competent and a very kind, caring Nurse.  I rate her a perfect 10! It is incredible to have such a brilliant nurse coordinating the process at 2nd.MD.” 


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